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Скачать Мод для Crysis JUMPER AND THE CITY
[ ] 19.01.2010, 09:46
New Crysis modification by "GamesForLiberty" team, that puts the player in the shoes of 'Jumper', a super-powered being, and allows the player to use these abilities to traverse the amazingly huge 'Miracle City'.

The story starts when "Object -42-", who has supernatural abilities, escapes into Miracle City . Named 'Jumper' due to his primary ability - super jumping and running. Some time after his escape all citizens were evacuated and the City was blockaded by US navy and troops. The US government has decided to destroy Miracle City with a Nuclear Bomb and now Jumper doesn't have much time to find a way to stay alive.

  • Playable only in Crysis not in Crysis Wars
  • Full freedom of movement around the city: jumping on the skyscrapers, running on the roofs, etc.
  • The possibility of using the environment as a weapon
  • Nanosuit to protect you not only from the onslaught of enemy soldiers, but also from a fall from a great height
  • Fighting on the ground, below the ground, and in the air. The city is blockaded by U.S. troops. For them, you are enemy number one!
  • Ability to wall run
  • Many other features.

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1 BASKA   (19.01.2010 09:47)
Глобальный мод Для Крайзис. Всем советую. smile

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