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[ ] 19.01.2010, 10:22
Hey everyone, I've been working on this for a couple months now and figured it's at the point where I can probably release it. It's a concept level using a more polished version of the RTS flowgraph system. You only have control of infantry in this one, I left vehicles out of this level for the most part.
As always comments/criticism/bug reports are more than welcome. However please keep in mind this is a rough release and some things were
purposely left out/ignored.

  • Playable in Crysis (version 1.2 and above)
  • RTS/FPS gameplay
  • Intense battles
  • Play as a soldier and a commander

Gameplay Hints/Tips:
Game Controls:

- Press Y to switch between shooter mode and RTS mode.
- Use W,A,S, and D to move the camera laterally.
- Scroll the mouse wheel to move the camera vertically.
- Press and hold the middle mouse button to rotate the camera.
- Hold left shift to increase movement speed (works for both vertical and lateral movement).

- Left-click near a unit to select it.
- When a unit is selected, right click to tell the unit to move to the location under your cursor.
- Hold the right mouse button and drag in a direction to have the unit face in that direction, release right mouse button to complete the
order (most useful when ordering a unit to move into the open and there is no cover around).
- When a unit is selected, hovering your mouse near cover will bring up indicators showing the cover points. When you right click, the
soldiers in that unit will run to those spots.

Thanks To:

- Arafitos (tester)
- Jack Hammersmith (tester)
- Rad15 (tester, Advanced AI)
- McGinge (attempted tester Tongue )
- Cry-Vlok (FGPS + flowgraph nodes)
- James_ryan (FGPS + flowgraph nodes)
- Akimine (custom FP arms, even though FP isn't supported)

If I used anyone else's assets that weren't mentioned here please let me know, or if I missed any testers. I used a lot of small assets throughout the level so it's possible I may have missed some.

Extract the zip file to your crysis/mods directory.

To play In-Game:
  1. Right click your Crysis desktop icon and select Properties.
  2. In the target line add "-mod RTSMod -devmode" (without the quotes)
  3. Double click the icon to run Crysis.
  4. Press the tilde key (`) to open the console.
  5. Type "con_restricted 0" (no quotes) and press enter
  6. Type "map infantry_tutorial" (no quotes) and press enter

Note: it's very important if you're going to play in-game that you add -devmode to the target line. the level will basically be unplayable otherwise.

To play In Editor:
  1. Right click your SB2 desktop icon and select Properties.
  2. In the target like add "-mod RTSMod"
  3. Open the editor from this icon.
  4. Go to file -> open and select the infantry_tutorial.cry file located in the mod folder (game->levels).

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1 BASKA   (19.01.2010 10:23)
Велеколепная боевка, вам понравится!!! smile happy

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